Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

Homes built by Empire are constructed in the factory under strictly controlled environmental conditions. With continuous expert supervision, alongside C.S.A. inspections, we ensure that all construction meets or exceeds C.S.A., CMHC Residential housing standards, and The National Building Code.  Empire Modular Homes is also licensed and bonded with the Alberta Government and a member of the New Home Warranty Program in Alberta.


Why choose Empire over other Modular builders?

  • Family owned and operated.
  • We have over 35 years’ experience in the market.
  • Only premium grade materials.
  • We provide all load bearing walls for each module with an exterior layer of wall sheathing and one on the interior for rigidity and strength, then your drywall.
  • The first row of exterior wall sheathing on all load bearing walls is stapled and glued for rigidity and strength.
  • Roof trusses are built 16” apart as opposed to 24”, which makes the roof system stronger and supports a greater snow load.
  • All exterior walls are built 16" on center as opposed to some builders going to 24" on center.
  • All interiors are finished with drywall.
  • Minimum  R24 insulation in your walls and a minimum of R50 insulation in your ceilings.
  • Top grade cabinetry, with boxes containing 5/8 material on all sides including back panel, soft close drawers and doors, plus multiple finishes to choose from.
  • All LED light fixtures
  • Quality Moen plumbing fixtures.
  • Triple pane windows are our standard.
  • All tradespeople are certified and ticketed with many maintaining over 25 year relationship with Empire.

What are my design options?

Empire Modular Homes offers a variety of innovative design options for bungalows, as well as several bi-level, split level and two storey home plans. Or let our staff assist you in customizing a design to suit your personal needs. Either way, a full range of options allows you to select the home with the features that you want. Homeowners can select from available colours and materials such as: countertops, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, electrical fixtures and exterior finishes. Create a feature wall!


How long does a home take to build?

As a premier modular home builder, we pride ourselves on quality over quantity. We are not an assembly based plant and each home is custom built from beginning-to-end with no pre-built walls, floors or roof. This makes our homes truly unique to many other modular builders.

To maintain our high standards, and as a reflection to our commitment to excellence, each home built will take an average of four months to properly complete.  This allows for all trades to have the necessary time-frame to finish your construction and provide a quality build.  Come see the difference quality makes!


If you need a home sooner, contact us for a list of homes available for immediate possession.

What is the delivery process?

After construction, your pre-finished Empire home is shipped to your site in modular sections. By using a crane, the sections are placed on your basement or foundation, where they are then secured together.  The finishing site crew completes all the necessary work (ie; roof ,interior walls, exterior, flooring, ect.) to marry each module together, transforming your Empire Modular Home into a home.

What is your home warranty?

  • All of our homes have a full one year blanket-warranty on all materials and workmanship (all materials are CSA approved)
  • A full and comprehensive 10 year Alberta New Home Warranty.
  • In addition you will receive manufacturer warranties on all products used.  IE.  Windows, shingles, siding, flooring, etc.


What are the additional costs?

  • Land costs and Building Permit
  • Eaves trough
  • Stairs - interior and exterior
  • Basement or foundation and Basement windows.
  • Electrical wiring and plumbing hook-ups.
  • Tele posts
  • All Heating
  • Utilities connections - Sewer, Water, Power, Gas, Heating & Telephone
  • Crane charges
  • Blueprints (If Required)
  • Delivery and Setup
  • All Appliances
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