About Empire Modular Homes/ Manufactured Homes: Our Homes

Empire Modular Homes is Alberta’s most recognized and premier modular home builder. With hundreds of satisfied customers since its beginning in 1982, the company has become a leader in producing high quality modular housing. Proven experience, friendly personable service and the latest in design innovations, makes Empire Modular Homes the professionals to meet your housing needs.


Homes built by Empire are constructed in the factory under strictly controlled environmental conditions. With continuous expert supervision, all construction meets or exceeds C.S.A. and CMHC Residential housing standards. Empire Modular Homes is also licensed and bonded with the Alberta Government and a member of the New Home Warranty Program in Alberta.

Construction Standards:

The materials and construction techniques employed by Empire Modular Homes utilized the latest technology available in the building construction industry. This is backed by a full one year warranty against defective materials and workmanship, exclusive of any foundation settlement or repair resulting from misuse or neglect. Clients are welcome to inspect homes under construction in the factory for their own satisfaction.

Delivery Process:

After construction, your prefinished Empire home is shipped to your site in modular sections to be located on your basement or foundation, where it is then secured together to form the completed permanent home. The movers install your teleposts for the basement support and a ridge cap to seal sections of the roof.

Design Options:

Empire Modular Homes offers a variety of innovative design options in two, three and four bedroom bungalows as well as several bi-level, split level and two storey homes. Or, let our staff assist you in customizing a design to suit your personal needs. Either way, a full range of options allows you to select the home with the features that you want. Homeowners can select from available colors and materials or items such as countertops, cabinets, bathroom fixtures and exterior finishing. Empire Modular Homes reserves the right to substitute items of equivalent or better quality in the event that specified materials are unavailable at the time of construction.