Alberta’s premier modular home and manufactured homes builder

Empire Modular Homes is the leading provider of Alberta modular homes and manufactured homes. Empire has built hundreds of Alberta modular homes since we first entered the modular home industry in 1982. Since 1982 we have been proud to become the modular home industry leader for all of Alberta, and the largest and most respected provider of manufactured homes/modular homes in the province.

Alberta modular homes, built by the dedicated Empire Modular Home team, are of the highest quality, come in 24 modern, innovative modular home designs, and can be fully customized to meet any modular home customers unique needs.

The modular home materials and construction techniques employed by Empire Modular Homes utilize the latest technology available in the Alberta modular home building industry. This is backed by a full one-year warranty against defective modular home materials and workmanship, exclusive of any foundation settlement or repair resulting from misuse orured home factory for their own satisfaction.

After construction, your pre-finished Empire modular home is shipped to your Alberta address in manufactured home sections to be located on your basement or foundation, where it is then secured together to form the completed manufactured home.